The Bitchcraft Tour ft. Blood On The Dance Floor, The Millionaires, Haley Rose, and Cold Black ( on select dates).

I was pretty excited about this tour. This was my 6th run with the band, so everyone was pretty close, band and crew. Every tour differs on who comes out with us, and this tour was pretty stripped down, and everyone was categorized by what vehicle they were in. We had two vehicles, a sprinter van and a Pensky truck. Dahvie, Jayy, Haley, Brandy (Violin), John (TM), and myself all road in the sprinter while Brewer (Stage Manager), Sean(Drummer), and Koly (Stage hand) all road in the pensky. 

I was shooting with my new Canon 6D and 17-40mm f/4 L lens for the first time this tour, and I couldn't believe some of the photos I got. So crisp and sharp. Such a big different from my previous Canon t2i, haha. I also learned so much from being home for a couple of months about editing, filters, and new techniques, so I was pretty stoked to start shooting. 

I flew out to San Diego a few days before tour started to get some behind the scenes footage of everyone arriving (even though Haley and myself were the last two people to show up), rehearsals, and the stress of the few days leading up to leaving. Some of these are shot back at "Blood Manor" in San Diego, the rehearsal studio, then we began our trek to New Mexico, over to Arizona, then down through Texas. 

After our run in Texas we made our way through middle America. This was our first tour in a sprinter van, so driving through all the nothingness was kinda cool, kinda not. Either way, it made for great photos. I took some of the best candid shots i've ever gotten this tour, as well as portraits. Haley, Jayy, and myself usually hung out all day together. When Haley would go warmup, soundcheck, or playing, it was just me and Jayy, which made for us going around shooting due to boredom. 

So, as you can see, I take a million photos, haha. This is actually scaled down. I edit a ton of photos every day to stick in the dropbox for everyone to just pick and choose what they want to post. So, yes, tons and tons of photos. 

We moved into the east coast, and a longtime friend of the band, Shawn Brandon, came out to a show and Jayy, him, and myself went and shot down the street from the venue. One again, due to boredom and Jack Daniels. Cleveland brought a shoot with the wonderful Haley Rose. We ended up being the only people at the venue (for some odd unknown reason), so we hopped and fence and went up to take some shots. The rest are made up of a shoot Jayy and myself did for Sin and Skin Clothing, east coast shows, and the Danish band, Cold Black, who opened the tour for a few weeks. 

and thats a wrap. I ended tour about a week or so earlier in Arizona due to some previous engagements, So i left straight from the venue and flew to South Carolina. This tour was an awesome experience. Tons of amazing experiences (as always) and so much content. 

I'm still getting used to writing up these blogs, so hopefully everyone likes them and i'll be writing more from the summer.